Hunting Cookies


I’m still relatively new to this cookie decorating thing, but I’ve discovered it’s a whole world of edible art and goodness and I want to be part of it! For my third time decorating cookies, I was inspired to make some hunting themed cookies for my husband and his hunting buddies when I saw Sugar Belle’s moose cookie.  So cute!

I made a batch each of gingerbread and sugar cookie dough and made the moose using a large angel cutter that I had. I also wanted to experiment with some wet on wet techniques and 20 second icing so I made some camo and wood grain cookies.  All in all I was pretty happy with the results – I don’t think the boys had any complaints either!


Here are the steps I followed to make the moose.  I varied from Sugar Belle’s technique  – and of course my outcome isn’t nearly as clean and perfect as hers, but practice makes perfect!







I waited until the base coat was dry to add the details for the ears, eyes and nose.




Like I said, not nearly perfect, but I think it gives them a bit of a rustic feel 😉


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