Dinosaur Cookies

We love dinosaurs. Actually, scratch that.  Our kids love dinosaurs.  We love that they love dinosaurs. It makes things so much easier for us – finding dino stuff is easy, there are endless possibilities for dino-themed activities, and it’s a common interest for our son and daughter.  Common interests might be harder to come by as they get older, so we’re embracing this one while we can.  Plus, it’s super cute to watch them roaring at each other.

I had some leftover icing and cookies that I’d baked and frozen so I decided to play around and make some dino-themed cookies for the little munchkins. I drew inspiration from SugarBelle’s baby dinosaurs using non-dino cutters (seeing as I’d already baked hearts, circles and eggs).  I actually prefer to use shapes in any way other than how they’re intended.  Maybe it’s because I’m a classic type A who likes challenges, or maybe I like to keep my creative mind on its toes – either way, it makes for fun cookie decorating!IMG_6025


IMG_5980IMG_6012These little guys are my favourite.  I can’t help but hear a marching theme song in my head when I look at them!IMG_5993IMG_5996IMG_5994IMG_5995IMG_5997IMG_5999IMG_6001IMG_6002




My own little dinos haven’t seen these yet – I can’t wait to see the little man’s reaction!

IMG_5972Happy cookie-ing.  Roar!!


Retro 1970’s Cookies

A good friend of ours turned 40 this year and her husband threw her an awesome 1970’s surprise party.  I jumped at the opportunity to make custom cookies for the occasion and had so much fun coming up with ideas.  I turned to Pinterest, Google and old photographs for inspiration: disco balls, records, guitar picks, afros, chest hair and gold chains are just some of the iconic 1970’s memorabilia I chose to channel. I was also inspired by the classic 1970’s kitchen for the colour scheme – avocado green, harvest gold and burnt orange.




Unfortunately, because I decorate at night after the kids go to bed, the lighting isn’t that great and I didn’t realize right away that my ivory flood icing was too thick (as you can see on the ivory and striped squares), but luckily I was able to fix it for the rest of the cookies I hadn’t gotten to yet. Note to self: get task lighting!






The afro dudes and women were inspired from a Pin I found and loved. I needed black sanding sugar for these guys but of course when I went looking, right before Valentine’s day, all I could find was pink and red.  I decided to try out SugarBelle’s tips on colouring your own.  It was so easy and worked incredibly well.  I will definitely be doing that again when I need a custom colour!

I had so much fun making these and even more fun at the party.  Happy birthday foxy lady! 🙂

Shabby Chic Valentine’s Day Cookies

I had some leftover icing in the freezer and cookies I had baked and frozen a while ago so I decided to get a head start on some Valentine’s day experimenting.  There’s no real rhyme or reason to this set – I loved the colours and wanted a shabby chic look but I played around with a variety of different inspirations. The icing consistency wasn’t perfect but I still had fun creating these!IMG_5599






A little lesson learned: when moving cookies around, be careful not to stick your finger in the wet icing.  I was in LOVE with this graphic rose but went and stuck my big thumb into the side while making room on the cookie sheet 😦  I tried my best to fix it but there’s still a glaring flaw. Just call me butter fingers! IMG_5561

This buck silhouette is by far my favourite.  The icing wasn’t perfect and must have had too much air (see the bubbles??) but I love the shape – I want to make a million more like this!IMG_5545Happy Valentine’s day!