Shabby Chic Valentine’s Day Cookies

I had some leftover icing in the freezer and cookies I had baked and frozen a while ago so I decided to get a head start on some Valentine’s day experimenting.  There’s no real rhyme or reason to this set – I loved the colours and wanted a shabby chic look but I played around with a variety of different inspirations. The icing consistency wasn’t perfect but I still had fun creating these!IMG_5599






A little lesson learned: when moving cookies around, be careful not to stick your finger in the wet icing.  I was in LOVE with this graphic rose but went and stuck my big thumb into the side while making room on the cookie sheet 😦  I tried my best to fix it but there’s still a glaring flaw. Just call me butter fingers! IMG_5561

This buck silhouette is by far my favourite.  The icing wasn’t perfect and must have had too much air (see the bubbles??) but I love the shape – I want to make a million more like this!IMG_5545Happy Valentine’s day!


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