Retro 1970’s Cookies

A good friend of ours turned 40 this year and her husband threw her an awesome 1970’s surprise party.  I jumped at the opportunity to make custom cookies for the occasion and had so much fun coming up with ideas.  I turned to Pinterest, Google and old photographs for inspiration: disco balls, records, guitar picks, afros, chest hair and gold chains are just some of the iconic 1970’s memorabilia I chose to channel. I was also inspired by the classic 1970’s kitchen for the colour scheme – avocado green, harvest gold and burnt orange.




Unfortunately, because I decorate at night after the kids go to bed, the lighting isn’t that great and I didn’t realize right away that my ivory flood icing was too thick (as you can see on the ivory and striped squares), but luckily I was able to fix it for the rest of the cookies I hadn’t gotten to yet. Note to self: get task lighting!






The afro dudes and women were inspired from a Pin I found and loved. I needed black sanding sugar for these guys but of course when I went looking, right before Valentine’s day, all I could find was pink and red.  I decided to try out SugarBelle’s tips on colouring your own.  It was so easy and worked incredibly well.  I will definitely be doing that again when I need a custom colour!

I had so much fun making these and even more fun at the party.  Happy birthday foxy lady! 🙂


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