Elmo Birthday Cookies

I made baptism cookies for Brooklyn as my very first real custom order, and now she’s 1! I was so happy to get the opportunity to make these cookies for her big birthday.  I’ve been wanting to make Sesame Street cookies for a while now, so when her mom asked if I could make Elmo themed cookies, I was ecstatic! I immediately ordered the custom cutters online and started sketching my ideas.

I decided on a fun, bright and cheerful colour scheme of red, pink and melon. I also wanted to give the chalkboard effect a try.  I only made one because unfortunately the all black icing can leave your teeth a rather unattractive colour – tasty, but not great for pictures! I love the look though!IMG_7551 IMG_7553 IMG_7554 IMG_7555 IMG_7557 IMG_7564 IMG_7565 IMG_7568 IMG_7570 IMG_7573 IMG_7577 IMG_7578 IMG_7581 IMG_7582 IMG_7585 IMG_7590 IMG_7591Happy First Birthday Brooklyn!!


Pregnancy Announcement Cookies

A friend asked me to help her announce to her family that she and her partner are expecting in January.  The bonus? Her sister-in-law just happens to be one of my very best friends who is also expecting her first baby in November! I can’t even begin to put into words how truly honoured and privileged I felt to be given such an amazing opportunity.  Announcing that you’re pregnant to your close family is always an exciting and momentous occasion, and I was determined to give them a great set that would make the event that much sweeter.

She so graciously gave me creative license, so I went with neutral but modern colour scheme. I had SO many creative ideas, I really had to exercise self control.  Hopefully I’ll get to create all my other inspirations some time in the future…maybe for baby #2?? IMG_7376



Who doesn’t love baby feet?? Don’t you just want to eat them?! Oh wait…You CAN!







I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but anytime I can personalize a set, I jump all over it. For this occasion especially, I wanted to add as many personal touches as possible.


IMG_7388Congratulations again C & T!  I know you both will make excellent parents and I was truly honoured to be part of this exciting time in your lives.

Golf Birthday Cookies


My mother’s birthday was a big milestone this year.  I won’t say the number out loud because I know better…but it’s pretty easy to figure out from the cookies 😉  My sister and my dad and I wanted to do something special for her because she’s always doing everything for everyone else and has been such an incredible source of strength and support to others over the years.  It was about time we celebrate her.  My mom doesn’t like a lot of attention and we knew she wouldn’t want a big party, so we threw her an intimate surprise party with close relatives.


My mom also LOVES golf.  I’m talking plays it, watches it, dreams it, breathes it kind of love.  I don’t get it. I once asked her how she could love golf so much and not get sick of it, and her response was: “Do you ever get sick of running?”.  Then I got it.  So, golf seemed like the pretty obvious choice for the theme of her surprise XXth birthday party.

I only made a small batch of cookies and my godmother made golf cupcakes.  They were to DIE for! For the cookies, I wanted to test out the 20 second icing technique and, as it turns out, I prefer piping and flooding. It’s more work in the prep stage, but much cleaner in the execution and allows for a bit more control (in my opinion anyway).

Golf Cookies



For the golf bags, I used a frog cutter, upside down, and trimmed off the legs.  Have I mentioned how much I love getting creative with cutters?? IMG_6939

I’d seen a few inspiration pictures for the sand trap cookie and was excited to try it.  I used brown sugar for the sand, using white Royal Icing as “glue”.  I’d love to start playing with different and new textures in the future. IMG_6932


Like I mentioned, my godmother made the cupcakes.  Not only were they DE-LISH, they were adorable.  Everything was edible.  My favourite by far were the flags, made out of dry pasta noodles, fruit roll-up and RI! So creative! The running joke in my family is that my parents couldn’t have picked a better godmother for me because we’re two peas in a pod.  Things like this make me very proud of that!



It’s really quite easy and inexpensive to add little touches of a theme to a party.  I had set up some white paper lanterns outside (it was a gorgeous May day!), and inside I’d just gotten a simply green table cloth and found these little turf squares at the dollar store.  I filled a vase with golf balls (luckily my parents have LOTS) and I’d gotten this adorable golf cart cake topper at the party store.  Simple yet very fun! IMG_6967


IMG_6953Bonne fête ma belle maman d’amour.  You deserve to be celebrated every day.  Je t’aime beaucoup.  xo