Dinosaur Cookies

We love dinosaurs. Actually, scratch that.  Our kids love dinosaurs.  We love that they love dinosaurs. It makes things so much easier for us – finding dino stuff is easy, there are endless possibilities for dino-themed activities, and it’s a common interest for our son and daughter.  Common interests might be harder to come by as they get older, so we’re embracing this one while we can.  Plus, it’s super cute to watch them roaring at each other.

I had some leftover icing and cookies that I’d baked and frozen so I decided to play around and make some dino-themed cookies for the little munchkins. I drew inspiration from SugarBelle’s baby dinosaurs using non-dino cutters (seeing as I’d already baked hearts, circles and eggs).  I actually prefer to use shapes in any way other than how they’re intended.  Maybe it’s because I’m a classic type A who likes challenges, or maybe I like to keep my creative mind on its toes – either way, it makes for fun cookie decorating!IMG_6025


IMG_5980IMG_6012These little guys are my favourite.  I can’t help but hear a marching theme song in my head when I look at them!IMG_5993IMG_5996IMG_5994IMG_5995IMG_5997IMG_5999IMG_6001IMG_6002




My own little dinos haven’t seen these yet – I can’t wait to see the little man’s reaction!

IMG_5972Happy cookie-ing.  Roar!!


Look Hoo’s Here!

One of my good friends had a baby!! Well, another baby that is. Their second little one was born just after Christmas and I was lucky enough to get to meet her on her birth day. I went back that weekend to bring them a little welcome home package that included some custom cookies.

They didn’t want to know the gender so they decorated the nursery in a gender-neutral owl theme and I decided to stick with that theme… Oh who am I kidding, I’d been dying to make some adorable owl cookies and this was the perfect excuse!

People love visiting new babies and people love cookies, so I hoped these little guys would be a nice offering for any guests that came to see the new bundle of joy. I’m sure the toddler didn’t mind having a treat to celebrate her new little sister either 🙂



I used my cauldron cutter upside down to get the owl shape and upside down hearts to get the mini owls. I love using a cutter in any way except the way it was intended LOLIMG_5397




I’d also ordered some adorable fabric to make a comfy cozy minky blanket for baby A (see my other blog post to learn how!). I know what it’s like to have a winter baby and you’ve got to keep those little ones warm!


I wish nothing but the best for the new family of four – having 2 little ones can be crazy (I know!) but it’s double the love and laughter too. Welcome to the world little A 🙂


Hunting Cookies


I’m still relatively new to this cookie decorating thing, but I’ve discovered it’s a whole world of edible art and goodness and I want to be part of it! For my third time decorating cookies, I was inspired to make some hunting themed cookies for my husband and his hunting buddies when I saw Sugar Belle’s moose cookie.  So cute!

I made a batch each of gingerbread and sugar cookie dough and made the moose using a large angel cutter that I had. I also wanted to experiment with some wet on wet techniques and 20 second icing so I made some camo and wood grain cookies.  All in all I was pretty happy with the results – I don’t think the boys had any complaints either!


Here are the steps I followed to make the moose.  I varied from Sugar Belle’s technique  – and of course my outcome isn’t nearly as clean and perfect as hers, but practice makes perfect!







I waited until the base coat was dry to add the details for the ears, eyes and nose.




Like I said, not nearly perfect, but I think it gives them a bit of a rustic feel 😉