Shabby Chic Valentine’s Day Cookies

I had some leftover icing in the freezer and cookies I had baked and frozen a while ago so I decided to get a head start on some Valentine’s day experimenting.  There’s no real rhyme or reason to this set – I loved the colours and wanted a shabby chic look but I played around with a variety of different inspirations. The icing consistency wasn’t perfect but I still had fun creating these!IMG_5599






A little lesson learned: when moving cookies around, be careful not to stick your finger in the wet icing.  I was in LOVE with this graphic rose but went and stuck my big thumb into the side while making room on the cookie sheet 😦  I tried my best to fix it but there’s still a glaring flaw. Just call me butter fingers! IMG_5561

This buck silhouette is by far my favourite.  The icing wasn’t perfect and must have had too much air (see the bubbles??) but I love the shape – I want to make a million more like this!IMG_5545Happy Valentine’s day!


Pastel Christmas Cookies

I’ve done quite a few Christmas cookies so far this year (over 160 to be exact!), and I was getting a bit fatigued of seeing red, green and white, so I was ecstatic when a friend ordered 4 dozen Christmas cookies and wanted non-traditional colours. I had been dying to do a pastel colour schemed but I couldn’t justify making any more cookies just for myself.

They have a toddler and are expecting their second little one in the New Year so I was happy to help provide them with treats for the holidays and all the visitors that will no doubt be by to see the new baby.

We agreed on 2 dozen sugar cookies and 2 dozen orange vanilla spice cookies.  The orange vanilla is a fun twist on the classic sugar cookie; not to mention it smells divine!



I had seen some inspiration for these adorable penguins so I jumped on the opportunity to include them in the set.  They were so much fun! I love the added whimsy the earmuffs give them. Honestly? I kind of wanted to keep them! But of course, I didn’t 😉

FullSizeRender 4



I wasn’t sure if the teddy bears would fit in but they turned out so cute and cuddly.


I try not to waste a single ounce of dough so I added in some bite-sized birds and mini ornaments to the set.


I wanted to use my house cutter but I really wasn’t sure what direction I would take it – turns out it was one of my favourite shapes to decorate. I loved adding all the details.



Isn’t sanding sugar the BEST thing?!?




Some bells and Christmas cheer to tie it all together.



This set was my first time using luster dust and can I just say: I LOVE luster dust!! I want to make ALL the cookies sparkle and shimmer! I had to exercise extreme self-restraint once I got into the luster dusting.





I had so much fun making this set and I was so happy to be able to share it with a wonderful (and growing!) family ☺

Rustic Christmas Cookies

Halloween wasn’t even over and I was itching to bake Christmas cookies.  I really wanted to try Sweet Sugar Belle’s brown sugar recipe and loved the idea of rustic Christmas cookies so took inspiration from her post and made my own.  (As an aside, if you haven’t checked out her stuff yet, GO NOW! Seriously amazing creations.)

I had also made some royal icing poinsettia transfers (once again an awesome Sugar Belle tutorial) and wanted to put them into action.



I had made some royal icing holly along with the poinsettia and I really love them! They were relatively easy to make too.  Unfortunately my piping icing was a little too runny for the burlap pattern I wanted to try.


Sadly, this branch, which was one of my favourites, was a victim of fumbling fingers and some of the berries got crushed during the photographing process 😦


I’m in love with this pinecone cookie! I’m actually quite sad I didn’t make more.  10679496_10152533297577523_1995760117900685526_o

The birch pattern is my second favourite! I foresee many more birch cookies in my future 🙂 1604694_10152533297582523_2277235305393027062_n

The brown sugar cookie recipe was delicious, although I ended up cutting way back on the leveanor for my second batch because I found they spread too much the first time around.

This was just one set of MANY Christmas cookies I’ve made so far this year and I look forward to sharing the rest 🙂