Elmo Birthday Cookies

I made baptism cookies for Brooklyn as my very first real custom order, and now she’s 1! I was so happy to get the opportunity to make these cookies for her big birthday.  I’ve been wanting to make Sesame Street cookies for a while now, so when her mom asked if I could make Elmo themed cookies, I was ecstatic! I immediately ordered the custom cutters online and started sketching my ideas.

I decided on a fun, bright and cheerful colour scheme of red, pink and melon. I also wanted to give the chalkboard effect a try.  I only made one because unfortunately the all black icing can leave your teeth a rather unattractive colour – tasty, but not great for pictures! I love the look though!IMG_7551 IMG_7553 IMG_7554 IMG_7555 IMG_7557 IMG_7564 IMG_7565 IMG_7568 IMG_7570 IMG_7573 IMG_7577 IMG_7578 IMG_7581 IMG_7582 IMG_7585 IMG_7590 IMG_7591Happy First Birthday Brooklyn!!